We’ve sung to the tune of Fortnite many a time here on Push Square, but the Battle Royale shooter keeps on going from strength to strength. The game has quickly become known for its impressive live events in-game, and yesterday, Epic Games put on the most extravagant show yet -- setting a new record in the process. An incredible 12.3 million people saw rapper Travis Scott put on a concert inside Fortnite, which you can watch for yourself in the video above courtesy of GamesRadar.

This statistic eclipses the 10.7 million viewers Marshmello managed to pull in for his own in-game gig, with the gap widening even further if you take viewership numbers into account across streaming platforms. Scott performed hits such as Sicko Mode and Highest in the Room and the musician seemed to be pretty chuffed with how the event went.

If you'd like to catch this show for yourself in Fortnite, the Astronomical concert will be hosting encores in-game every day across the weekend at various times. Head on over to The Verge to learn more. How impressive is this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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