Need a reminder of your mortality? Electronic musician Marshmello played a concert in Fortnite over the weekend, and over 10 million people rocked up to experience it. As you can imagine, there were plenty of floss emotes being triggered, as fans all over the globe danced the night away to the ten minute set. Even more decided to experience it via Twitch – because it’s not like the game is free to download or anything.

This was probably the best-attended gig in history, which is bizarre when you think about it. More importantly, the actual in-game event itself has been lavished in praise, with choreographed visuals matching the music and free virtual items for anyone who attended. While it does undoubtedly make us feel old, this is a pretty amazing feat – we’ve got to a point now where games can host one-off concerts and millions of people will turn up. Crazy!

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