Horizon 2 PS5

The PlayStation 5's operating system sounds like it's really going to prioritize speed and efficiency above all else, putting that high-speed SSD to very good use in the process. That's a far cry from the PlayStation 4's current dashboard, which almost instantly slows to a crawl as soon as you boot up a particularly intensive game. That'll hopefully be an annoyance of the past, however, as Kotaku's Jason Schreier has shared one of Sony's pitches to developers as it attempts to turn playing a PS5 game into something "as easy as Netflix".

The news editor said: "I have heard some fascinating things about the PS5’s operating system like this - one of the pitches they’ve been making to developers is “playing a PS5 game should be as easy as Netflix.” They want to make players feel like they can load up the game immediately and know exactly how much time a given activity is going to take them." Schreier goes on to state that the Japanese giant wants people to feel more inclined to play games in short bursts rather than waiting until they have a handful of hours spare.

This is welcome news indeed which could suggest that Sony has its own take on the Xbox Series X's quick resume feature in the works to allow you to quickly switch between games. Alongside a new PS5 patent which suggests Trophies, in-game achievements, and unlockables could be displayed on the next-gen console's dashboard, it sounds like Sony is cramming as much information onto its new home screen as possible. It'll still ensure speed and reliability, however.

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