Roundguard is one of those games that combines two disparate genres that, once you've seen it, you wonder why it hasn't been done before. A Peggle-style physics puzzle mixed with rogue-lite dungeon crawling? It's an odd pitch, but we kinda love the sound of it. The two genres alone are already pretty addictive, so this could prove a potent combination.

As you can see in the above gameplay trailer, you'll fire one of several characters into a "room" full of baddies and treasure, bouncing around to clear the stage, rack up points, and defeat all the enemies. You'll then move on to another randomly generated level, and so on and so forth. Hopefully there's some depth there to keep you playing, but this looks like daft fun either way.

The game is listed as coming to various platforms on 13th March 2020, but it's merely "coming soon" on PS4. Here's hoping it isn't too far away. What do you think of Roundguard? Bounce off each other in the comments below.