Peggle is possibly one of gaming's biggest guilty pleasures; the simple joy of clearing dots and racking up points is an addictive and satisfying time-waster. This simple puzzle template has remained largely untouched, but Roundguard builds upon the fun with dungeon crawler and rogue-lite elements, and it's kind of genius.

You select one of three distinct characters before entering a randomly generated map, with multiple stages filled with treasure to collect and enemies to defeat. Killing baddies opens up the next room, and it's as simple as bouncing into them. However, foes hit back, so you need to keep an eye out for health potions to ensure your survival. Blue vials keep your magic topped up, enabling you to use powerful spells or abilities. In gameplay terms, it's so straightforward: clear each level of baddies, gather some loot, and stay alive as long as you can.

There are boss battles to beat, bonus rooms to loot, and optional objectives to tackle as you descend each floor. It's the rogue-lite aspects that will keep you coming back, though. Each run will be slightly different as you earn random upgrades in each stage, while gathering more gold means better permanent rewards when you do die. Relics can add extra layers of challenge for when you're more experienced, and can really change up the game. It's refreshingly simple and very easy to play in either short bursts or longer stints.

The only real downside is that there's not more to it. There are leaderboards, but that's it aside from the sole mode of play. The core idea is solid enough that it should keep you going for a good while, however. If you've ever played Peggle and thought it could do with something more, Roundguard is a cracking hybrid.