Roundguard (PS4)


PlayStation 4
The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
Wonderbelly Games


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User Ratings: 4

Our Review: 7/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Arcade, Puzzle
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  • US 17th Mar 2020
  • EU 25th Mar 2020
Indie, Single Player, Cute, Roguelike, Fantasy
Controller Support
DualShock 4
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About The Game

Castle Springbottom is under attack! It's up to the Roundguard to save the king and — more importantly — recover his gold! Fling your hero into the face of danger and bounce off hordes of dangerously cute monsters to reach the bottom of the dungeon. With only one life, you'll need to learn how to navigate hazards, make strategic choices, and master your hero's skills if you hope to defeat the final boss. But don't worry, the Roundguard always bounces back!

  • Bouncy Fun: Intuitive pinball-physics-based gameplay like no other dungeon crawler.
  • Multiple Classes: Play as the Warrior, the Rogue, or the Wizard, each with their own unique skills, items, and cheeky sense of humor.
  • Randomized Dungeon: Each time you play, levels are procedurally generated, and quest events and elite monsters are randomly placed.
  • Lots of Loot: Over 100 items and trinkets, each with effects that present strategic choices and combo possibilities.