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The next games from the creators of The Last Guardian and Control will launch on the PlayStation 5, but they will not be published by Sony, as many had expected. The awkwardly named genDESIGN is helmed by legendary creator Fumito Ueda, who previously operated as part of Japan Studio before going independent in 2011. He continued to work with the PlayStation first-party through the completion of The Last Guardian, but has now decided to collaborate with Epic on his next title.

Finnish developer Remedy, meanwhile, was strongly rumoured to have entered a publishing deal with the platform holder – we’d even heard whispers about it from very reliable sources. It too has decided to sign with Epic, alongside Inside creator Playdead. To be fair, the deal sounds extraordinary: all three teams will have 100 per cent of their development costs covered, but will retain the rights to any intellectual property they create, and will earn at least 50 per cent of the profits.

Crucially, they’ll also have full creative control. Frankly, it’s the kind of deal that Sony would struggle to compete with, as it typically demands IP ownership for any of the titles it publishes. Despite the games being confirmed for the PS5, though, the PlayStation fanbase has been fidgety since today’s announcement, as many had expected genDESIGN and Remedy to release exclusively on the aforementioned format.

Of course, these aren’t the only developers on the Earth, and we’re confident that fans will feel satiated once Sony announces its next-gen console properly in the very near future. In the meantime, perhaps we should all appreciate the fact that three very talented independent teams are getting the support they need.

[source News: Epic Games to Publish New Games from Remedy, Playdead, and gen DESIGN]