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There’s a strange story doing the rounds that PlayStation may be partnering with Max Payne developer Remedy on a new game. It’s worth noting that the platform holder has already been fairly pally with the Finnish studio since it signed marketing rights to upcoming third-person shooter Control, but some feel that the Alan Wake maker may be working on something new for Sony – perhaps even as an exclusive.

The speculation started last month, when Shuhei Yoshida travelled to Helsinki to visit both Remedy and Housemarque. While it could be put down to the affable executive simply being in the area, it’s interesting that the Worldwide Studios president took the time to visit the studio – especially seeing as its upcoming title is being published by 505 Games.

The plot has since thickened, however, with the Quantum Break creator also visiting both Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games in quick succession. Sony often encourages collaboration between the studios it’s working with, and while this could all ultimately be redundant speculation, it’ll be fascinating to see whether it stops off at any other PlayStation studios, like Sony Santa Monica.

As we said at the start of the article, this is all very much speculation right now, and could be little more than coincidence. There’s no question that Remedy’s eye for single player, story-driven games would be a good fit for Sony, though – and with the studio completely independent, there’s nothing to stop PlayStation signing it up to make an exclusive. Could we see a potential partnership come to fruition on PS5? Stranger things have happened.

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