Nintendo has Mario, SEGA has Sonic, and Team 17 has Worms. The classic turn-based strategy game is an enduring video game institution, and in 2020 celebrates its 25th anniversary. By the looks of it, the publisher will be releasing a new instalment of its invertebrate warfare simulator later this year to coincide with the milestone.

Quite how it'll shape up is yet to be seen, but this brief teaser may give us some clues:

According to this tweet, the new Worms title will see the critters return "like you’ve never seen them before". The video clip provides a quick look back at some key releases in the series, before a three-dimensional worm smashes the TV with a bat. The tweet also mentions "new ways to play", while the official Worms account says things are "getting real" in 2020. These games have always worked best in 2D, but we're wondering if this will be a foray into virtual reality. Who knows?

It seems we should be hearing more soon enough. Are you excited for the return of Worms later this year? Which game is your favourite in the series? What do you think this new game could look like? Dig in the garden for clues and comment below.