As far as in-game cosmetic items go, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may have just taken the crown. Expanding the title’s roster of wristwatches is the Tomogunchi, a fully-fledged Tamagotchi-esque virtual pet that you need to feed, clean, and interact with – all while in the heart of battle. There’s a particularly potty-mouthed 12-year-old who’s going to rue the day you spent 1,000 COD Points on this.

Just like any virtual pet, the better you look after it the more it will grow. Completing actions within the game’s multiplayer will boost the rate at which your mounted critter evolves, and developer Infinity Ward’s teasing various secrets which the community is currently busy trying to unearth. It’s all surprisingly deep, and while it may be pricey, this is the kind of microtransaction that we can actually get behind.