After a few teases here and there which took the form of an ARG, the team at Frictional Games has finally lifted the lid on its next big horror project. Amnesia: Rebirth is a sequel which takes the classic 2010 scarefest and gives it an entirely new setting, protagonist, and set of gameplay mechanics. Due for release on PlayStation 4 towards the end of 2020, the announcement trailer above is well worth a watch.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, creative director Thomas Grip describes how the studio has had to up the ante for its next game. "As you might expect from a Frictional game, we’re not simply going for a carnival attraction of jumpscares. Amnesia: Rebirth is an emotionally harrowing journey — something different, something less predictable. It will test you in ways you haven’t experienced before, and will make you think about the things that really scare you."

It's been quite the wait to see what comes next from Frictional Games after SOMA, but if that reveal trailer is anything to go by, it'll be worth it. Are you excited about Amnesia: Rebirth? Get scared in the comments below.