Sometimes, games don't need to be pushing boundaries or setting graphical benchmarks to get us interested. Wavey the Rocket looks to be a very simple arcade game, but we've kinda fallen in love with it just from the above trailer.

It's a game in which you guide a rocket (presumably named Wavey) through side-scrolling levels, with the catch that he'll always follow the path of the line on-screen. It's your job to move the wave around in order to pick up collectibles, avoid obstacles, and so on, and it looks pretty fun. Adding to the effect is the 90s inspired aesthetics and music, which gives this an almost PSone-style charm.

The end of the video only specifies a Steam release on 7th May, but a press release tells us the game is heading to PlayStation 4 later this year as well. What do you think of Wavey the Rocket? Wave hello in the comments below.