Like it or not, there's a heck of a lot of walking to do in Death Stranding. To get from A to B in Hideo Kojima's deserted North America, you'll mostly be travelling on foot -- at least to start with. If you've ever wondered just how fit you'd have to be to carry out some of Sam's assignments, you can find out through some pretty ridiculous means.

The above video comes from electrical engineer and video game fan Allen Pan. In order to get off the couch and start exercising more, he's crafted an ingenious way to get his real life walking to make Sam move in the game. It sounds mad, but watch in wonderment as he modifies a treadmill and a PlayStation 4 controller to make it happen. The result is pretty impressive; as Pan walks or runs on the treadmill, Sam begins to walk or run in the game.

He explains the process well in the video, and it's a pretty amusing watch. It seems to be a great workout -- we definitely want to give it a try. Just hand us a treadmill, all the relevant electrical components, and the knowledge to get it all working, and we'll be all set.

What do you think of Allen Pan's treadmill controller for Death Stranding? Take a walk in the comments below.

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