If you're so interested in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers that you'd like to sample what it has to offer prior to launch, now's your chance. The game's pre-release demo is live on the Japanese PSN Store, so if you've got an active account for the eastern territory, you can log in right now and have a taste of what's to come once a western launch date is announced.

The demo weighs in at 2.18GB and if internet chatter is anything to go by, it encompasses the entirety of the title's first mission. That includes a boss fight, combat, and free-roaming sections which add up to roughly 45 minutes of gameplay. If you don't have access to the Japanese PSN Store, however, we've embedded a 15-minute slice of the action above from IGN. It is the Nintendo Switch version, so expect the game to look and run even better once it arrives on PlayStation 4.

Are you doing to download this demo and give it a shot? Are you hyped for what is essentially the sequel to Persona 5? Form a confidant and work on it in the comments below.

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