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  • Rumour PS5 Price Could Be High as Sony Struggles with Expensive Parts

    Flash memory in high demand

    How much is the PS5 going to cost? That's a question that we simply won't know the answer to until Sony slaps a price point on its next-gen machine, but an interesting new rumour suggests that the console could end up being more expensive than initially planned. The rumour comes from Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources...

  • Rumour Sony Paying More for Top Quality Cooling System in PS5

    No more fan noise?

    Does your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro sound like a jet engine when playing certain games? The noise that Sony's current-gen console can produce has become something of a running joke over the last few years. Older units gradually lose the ability to keep themselves cool as thermal paste dries up and their insides get...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 311

    Weekend wonders

    It’s not been a particularly busy week in the games industry, but Dreams’ release feels significant, not just because it’s a major game but because more big launches are right around the corner. Yes, delays mean that the schedule isn’t quite as crowded as it once was, but you better start thinking about cleaning up that...

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