Folks, we've just been bamboozled by Respawn Entertainment. The developer announced last week that Apex Legends' fourth season would bring with it a new Legend named Forge, except it not. Like, at all. You're going to have to watch the trailer above for more context before we talk more -- let's reconvene in a minute.

Yes, the Los Angeles-based studio has killed off its latest character before he can even be added to the game. The long rumoured Revenant takes Forge's place after stabbing the Legend in the back live on air during a TV interview, much to the surprise of the Apex Legends community. The shock is somewhat marred by the fact that data miners uncovered the Revenant character long ago while Forge didn't crop up whatsoever, but it's still a neat spin for Respawn Entertainment to put on its marketing cycle in the lead up to Season 4.

So, from 4th February, it now looks like you'll be able to play as Revenant in Apex Legends along with looting an all-new sniper rifle and levelling up another Battle Pass. Good times are indeed ahead for those still playing the Battle Royale shooter -- ourselves included.