Star Child PSVR

We haven't heard a single word from PlayStation VR project Star Child ever since it was indefinitely delayed back in December 2018 so when something to do with the game finally cropped up, this wasn't the news we were hoping for. Publisher Playful Studios has let go of a significant portion of its full-time staff -- casting further doubt over whether the PSVR title will ever see the light of day.

The unwelcome news was made public by way of a new post on the publisher's website, where founders Paul Bettner and Katy Drake Bettner said that the team will be pivoting its production model to make things more streamlined. "As part of this transition in our operating model, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to significantly reduce our full-time staff, effective today. We are truly heartbroken to be parting ways with many of our friends and colleagues."

We recently reached out to Playful Studios to see whether any sort of update on the development of Star Child was incoming after such a long period of silence, and while we didn't receive a response, this isn't the news we expected to break shortly afterwards. As always, everyone here at Push Square hopes that those unfortunate enough to lose their job lands on their feet and finds another gig swiftly.

This, of course, isn't confirmation that Star Child is cancelled, but it's most definitely not good news for a project we haven't heard from in well over a year. Were you interested in Star Child? Let us know in the comments below.