Remember Disintegration? Probably not -- it was announced at last year's inaugural Gamescom Opening Night Live event which was completely overshadowed by Sony's purchase of Insomniac Games. It wasn't a great showing, and while V1 Interactive's reveal was one of the rare highlights, its announcement trailer didn't entirely capture the imagination. It looked a whole lot like Destiny, but this latest five-minute slice of gameplay proves there's at least some potential here which could be capitalized on.

Courtesy of an IGN First, a lot of in-game footage gives us a much better idea of what to expect from the ariel shooter. "One part futuristic first-person shooter, one part action-focused airship piloting, a heavy dose of strategy elements like troop commands, ability combos, and cooldown rotations" is how Brandin Tyrell describes his hands on time with the game, suggesting that Disintegration definitely has something going in its favour. We're not yet convinced, but at least it's now a title we can amount some sort of interest in.

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