Apex Legends is still a massively popular Battle Royale game, so to celebrate the turn of a new decade developer Respawn Entertainment is introducing seven brand new modes on a rotating basis. Each and every one will be available for two days across a two-week span, all of which put an exciting spin on the genre formula.

Starting next week on 14th January, players can look forward to Gold Rush Duos -- a two-player mode featuring just gold weapons. A fascinating third-person mode is up next, Armed and Dangerous gives players just shotguns and sniper rifles to pick between, and Kings Canyon After Dark is a traditional Battle Royale match after hours. Meanwhile, Dummies Big Day needs to be seen to be believed and Live. Die. Live automatically respawns dead teammates when the ring closes. Finally, Always Be Closing is a game mode where the ring never stops shrinking.

All-new cosmetic items will rotate in and out of the in-game store, but you'll be able to earn some new skins and items via a new Challenge Scoreboard. This is shaping up to be a great addition to Apex Legends while it sticks around, but will you be checking out the new modes? Drop into the comments below.

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