Tekken 7 is having a big weekend -- or had a big weekend, if you happen to be reading this after the fact. The Tekken World Tour Finals played host to a load of new information, including a release date for previously revealed additional character Leroy Smith, and the announcement of future DLC.

First up, Leroy (who looks superb in the above trailer) is out on the 10th December -- and he's launching alongside Ganryu. That's right, Tekken's down-on-his-luck sumo wrestler is back, and he's got a fantastic redesign. Apparently, his facial animations were captured by Tekken director Harada himself.

And then there's Fahkumram. He's a brand new fighter from Thailand, and he seems to be a brutal kick boxer. He's out in Spring 2020 along with a cool looking new stage.

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