PlayStation VR may be going through a bit of a quiet patch at the moment, with Marvel's Iron Man VR looking like the next big virtual reality game, but here's one interesting title that looks like it could tide you over nicely. Last Labyrinth recreates the escape room experience from the confines of a wheelchair that you've found yourself strapped to. You won't have to wait long to play it either thanks to a release date of 13th November.

What is really making this title stand out is the long list of talent working on it. Director Tetsuya Watanabe's previous work includes the under-appreciated Puppeteer and The Last Guardian, lead character animator Atsuko Fukuyama past titles include classics such as ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, while environment artist Michiko Kusaba worked on various Gran Turismo entries.

It's an impressive line-up of developers indeed, but the game itself sounds just as intriguing. In order to escape the mansion you find yourself locked in, you'll need to direct a mysterious girl you meet by pointing at objects she needs to interact with and nod or shake your head to either confirm or deny actions. You'll be able to play with either the Dualshock 4 or two PlayStation Move controllers, coming in at a price of $39.99.

What do you reckon to being strapped to the wheelchair of Last Labyrinth? Try and escape in the comments below.

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