Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Update: Infinity Ward has now clarified that this update is a server side hot fix rather than a patch you'll need to download before playing the game again. It is still available now on PlayStation 4.

Original Story: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's next update has arrived, bringing with it a variety of changes and fixes you've come to expect. Patch 1.09 focuses on the likes of Spec Ops, Ground War, and weapon nerfs that include the notorious 725 Shotgun.

The AUG submachine gun has had its damage at close and mid-range increased, while the chest multiplier has been reduced. Meanwhile, the 725 Shotgun's base weapon damage range has been slightly reduced, the effect attachments have on the weapon shrunk, and a smaller effect when fired from the hip. For a full list of patch 1.09's fixes and changes, head on over to Reddit.

Will this patch improve your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare experience? Had the 725 Shotgun been bugging you too? Share your loadout in the comments below.