There had been some concern a few months back that the base PlayStation 4 model was being left behind as the likes of Control and Borderlands 3 ran poorly on the 2013 hardware. Now, Sony's biggest first-party release of 2019 is here, and it turns out that Death Stranding runs just as well as it does on the PS4 Pro. It can't boast of a 4K resolution, but then the system was never built to take advantage of that.

Digital Foundry breaks the two versions down in another impressively deep dive into Hideo Kojima's latest project. During gameplay, the base PS4 delivers a very consistent 30 frames per second, making it just as stable as its Pro counterpart. The two testers make a point of how they went out of their way to try and cause the game to chug, but were unsuccessful for the most part. Unfortunately, some cutscenes do suffer from minor dips, but it doesn't seem like too much of a big deal.

So there we have it, Death Stranding looks as good as it possibly could on the base PS4 model, while a smooth framerate during gameplay means you won't be taken out of the experience with chugging. Great stuff! Are you playing Death Stranding on a base PS4? Share your own experiences in the comments below.