Working in a coffee shop must surely be a fairly relaxing job. Make a mocha or cappuccino here, sell an overpriced slice of cake there, and jobs a good'un. That sort of laidback experience is now making its way to PlayStation 4 early next year with Coffee Talk, which is pitched as "a game about listening to people’s problems and helping them by serving up a warm drink out of the ingredients you have in stock." It is set to hit the Sony system on 30th January.

You'll need to complete the orders your customers ask for to the best of your abilities while also listening to their troubles. Based on an alternative version of Seattle, you'll meet the likes of orcs, elves, and mermaids with branching storylines that are based on how you treat your guests rather than what you say to them. There will be hundreds of drink combinations to make, while various jazzy and lo-fi tracks keeps the hustle and bustle to a minimum.

Do you wish to become a Barista early next year? We'll take any coffee with caramel in it in the comments below.