Update: The UK version of the new Sonic movie trailer is embedded above, and is a little different to the US video released earlier. Give it a watch.

Original Story: The reaction to the first trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was pretty intense. The blue blur's questionable CG design was largely labeled a failure -- so much so that Paramount Pictures went back to the drawing board to make changes to the character. Now, after several rumours and leaks, we can see the new and improved Sonic in this latest trailer for the film.

It goes without saying that the new design is a huge step forward. This new version of the character is more in line with the hedgehog we're all familiar with. The oddly human proportions are gone, replaced with something much closer to Sonic's original look. Thank goodness for that.

Aside from all that, the new trailer is pretty good. This film was never going to win awards, but we think this will be at least worth a watch. At the end of the day, it'll be a harmless, just-okay movie adaptation of the fastest thing alive. What do you think of the new Sonic movie trailer? Are you pleased with the hedgehog's new design? Will you pay to see this dumb flick? Grab some popcorn in the comments below.