Diablo 4 Rumour Leak

There's a big Diablo 4 leak doing the rounds, and it seems to have a lot of weight to it. Reddit user PracticalBrush12 -- who has leaked accurate information for numerous games in the past -- goes into quite a bit of depth with regards to Blizzard's eagerly anticipated sequel. Apparently, Diablo 4 will return to the darker and grittier tone of Diablo 2, pushing aside the slightly more colourful aesthetic of Diablo 3. It's said that Diablo 4 might even lean into horror, at least to some extent.

PracticalBrush12 goes on to say Diablo 4 might be open world -- although they're not entirely sure. Either way, environments are supposed to be "much bigger" than what's come before, and you'll be able to ride horses -- and potentially other mounts -- in order to travel across them.

The leak also tells of three character classes: barbarian, mage, and druid. The first two operate as you'd expect, while the druid can apparently transform into different beasts. Sounds pretty cool.

Diablo 4 will offer four-player co-op as well, as you'd expect, and the leak mentions "possible" player versus player activities right from the start of the game.

Again, it's a pretty extensive leak if true, but the good news is that we may not have to wait very long for this information to be confirmed. BlizzCon 2019 -- Blizzard's annual convention -- begins tomorrow (that's the 1st November at the time of writing), and we're almost guaranteed a Diablo 4 announcement. Keep your eyes peeled.

[source reddit.com]