Also Known As
Diablo IV
Number of Players
1 (Single Player) (4 Player Online)
Release Date

PlayStation 4

  • US 6th Jun 2023, $69.99
  • EU 6th Jun 2023, £69.99
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    If you were looking for a Diablo 4 Season 1: Launch Times and Everything You Need to Know guide, you've come to the right place. As a live service title, developer Blizzard will periodically update the game with new content in addition to releasing a Battle Pass each quarter. On this page, as part of...

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    Looking for the best classes and tier list for Diablo 4? Blizzard's epic action RPG is a true service game in its own right, and the meta will surely shift with time. Each of the five classes is worth playing in its own right, but some do actually perform more optimally on the battlefield than others (and the game...

  • Guide Diablo 4: All Dungeons and Capstone Dungeons Locations

    Delving into the dark

    Looking for all Dungeons and Capstone Dungeons locations in Diablo 4? Dungeons offer the meatiest combat content in the game, with packs of Elite enemies waiting to pounce and fearsome Bosses lurking at the end. The risk is worth the reward, however, as they also drop some of the most potent gear available and are fantastic...

  • Guide Diablo 4: Aspect Imprinting Explained and How to Unlock the Occultist

    Legendary effects and where to find them

    Looking to have Aspect imprinting explained and how to unlock the Occultist in Diablo 4? New to this entry in the series, the Aspect system is a powerful and deep series of mechanics revolving around the unique effects tied to Rare and Legendary tier gear, and the Occultist is the NPC who facilitates it all...

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  • Guide Diablo 4: All Gems List and How to Unlock the Jeweler

    The Jeweler and Gems explained

    Looking for an all gems list and how to unlock the Jeweler in Diablo 4? Gems are a class of item you'll find throughout the course of the game and can be Socketed into weapons, armour, and jewellery for powerful bonuses. As such, becoming acquainted with the Jeweler (the NPC merchant associated with the system) is...

  • Guide Diablo 4: Renown Explained and All Rewards

    Rewarding your exploration

    Looking for a Diablo 4 Renown explained and all rewards guide? Renown is an additional currency earned largely through exploration and questing, giving players that engage with it some extremely valuable rewards, including additional Skill Points and increasing the maximum number of Healing Potions you can carry. On this...

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    Endgame is just the start of the journey

    Need to have Diablo 4's complex, intimidating Endgame explained and how to reach level 100 answered? The "Endgame" moniker is something of a misnomer, as in many ways, it's where the true Diablo experience begins. On this page, as part of our Diablo 4 guide, we'll explain Diablo 4's Endgame and how to reach...

  • Guide Diablo 4: Clans Explained and How They Work

    Friends work better together

    Wanting to have Clans explained and how they work detailed in Diablo 4? Clans function the same way Guilds or Free Companies do in more traditional MMOs, as a way for groups of players to organise in order to tackle more difficult content and earn better loot in the process. On this page, as part of our Diablo 4 guide,...

  • Guide Diablo 4: Diablo Shop Explained and When It Refreshes

    Premium cosmetics at a premium price

    Want to have the Diablo Shop explained and know when it refreshes in Diablo 4? The Diablo Shop is an in-game store where real money can be exchanged for Platinum, a premium currency which can, in turn, be used to purchase all manner of unique cosmetic items. On this page, as part of our Diablo 4 guide, we'll...

  • Guide Diablo 4: What World Tier Should You Choose?

    Game difficulty explained

    Are you wondering what World Tier should you choose in Diablo 4? Essentially one and the same, World Tiers divide the Diablo experience into different difficulties, allowing newer players a smoother onboarding experience and veterans a way to earn better gear and more gold, provided they're up to the challenge. On this...

Diablo 4 News

  • News Diablo 4 Season 4 Ditches Content Model, Will Rework Loot Instead

    "Loot Reborn" arrives 14th May

    Diablo IV's upcoming Season 4 promises to be transformative. Blizzard has decided to forgo the usual swathe of service content, instead using the opportunity to rework how itemisation builds crafting work and introduce improvements and fixes requested by the player base. Arriving on 14th May, Loot Reborn will...

  • News Diablo 4 Season 4 Could Boast the Game's Biggest Improvements So Far

    Loot glorious loot

    It's easy to forget that Diablo 4 has only been on the market for ten months. The game's had so many ups and downs that it feels like it's been hanging around for years, with the general consensus being that Blizzard has struggled to maintain the title's momentum through its seasonal updates. But with Season 4 — which is due to...

  • News Diablo 4's $30 Class-Locked Portal Skins a Fresh Hell for Fans

    "Portal through Sanctuary in style"

    Blizzard is a company notorious for inflicting microtransactions on its player base, a hell Diablo 4 players have been enduring for a while now. But the company's latest overpriced aesthetic offering goes so far beyond the pale that we can't help but admire its outright brazen nature. For just $30, the asking...

  • News Diablo 4 Season of the Construct Will Bring New Quests, Vaults to PS5, PS4

    Third season begins on 23rd January

    Blizzard has announced a third season of content for Diablo 4 will begin next week on 23rd January 2024. Given the name Season of the Construct, it's set to add a new questline, a new base of operations underneath Kehjistan, and a new type of dungeon named Vaults. Catch the announcement trailer above for more...

  • News Diablo 4 Season 3 Set for the 23rd January

    Hell yeah?

    Diablo 4's third season will kick off on the 23rd January, according to the game's freshly updated login screen. Blizzard is yet to actually tell us what Season 3 will entail, but the developer has been teasing a livestream for the near future. It's safe to assume that details are incoming, then. Of course, this also means that you've...

  • News First Diablo 4 Expansion Arrives Late 2024, Named Vessel of Hatred

    Brings back Nahantu from Diablo 2

    Blizzard announced over the weekend as part of BlizzCon 2023 that the first major expansion for Diablo 4 will be called Vessel of Hatred, and launches for PS5 and PS4 at the end of next year. As shown in the trailer above, the DLC will take players back to the jungle setting of Nahantu from Diablo 2. Check it out...

  • Rumour Diablo 4's First Expansion Has Been Unearthed

    Let the hate flow through you

    References to what seems to be the first expansion for Diablo 4 have been datamined from the game's latest test build. According to YouTube channel YbuBaKa (as summarised by Strakt on ResetEra), the yet-to-be-announced DLC will revolve around Mephisto — a demonic lord who already plays a pivotal role in the game's...

  • News Blizzard Disables Diablo 4 Trading, Threatens Bans For Players Engaged in Illicit Duplication

    Eternal damnation

    Blizzard has suspended player trading in Diablo 4 in the face of a duplication exploit currently threatening the game's in-game economy, and the developer has threatened bans for players who partake of these illicit gains. It's unclear when the function will resume. Trading items in Diablo 4 occurs in a morally grey area,...

  • Poll Do You Still Play Diablo 4?

    Hell and back

    With the launch of Diablo 4's second season, the Season of Blood, it's dawned on us that the action RPG is over four months old. And in that time, it feels like the title has drawn no shortage of criticism. Controversial updates dominated the conversation around release — followed by a seemingly lacklustre first season — and...

  • News Diablo 4 Season of Blood Is Live on PS5, PS4 After a Slight Delay

    Bloody hell

    Update: Diablo 4's second seasonal affair, the Season of Blood, is now live across all platforms, including PS5 and PS4. The whole thing was slapped with a several-hour delay at the last minute, but we got there in the end. Just in case you don't know, the new season features fresh vampiric challenges and abilities. Hopefully it's all...


  • Preview Diablo 4's Endgame Has So Much Potential

    Variety is the spice of life

    A couple of weeks back, we got to sit down with Diablo 4 developers as they talked us through the title's robust endgame design. The roundtable touched on just about everything that you can expect from the action RPG once you've completed the main campaign — and we must admit, we came away from the discussion fairly...

  • Preview Diablo 4's PS5 Beta Was Impressive, But It's Raised Some Concerns

    Heaven and hell

    The Diablo 4 closed and open betas have run their course, and we must admit, we're fairly impressed. Boasting a sizable amount of content alongside a level cap of 25, the beta provided the perfect opportunity to see how Blizzard's upcoming action RPG is coming together. For the sake of clarity, we had already played much of what was...

About The Game

Diablo® IV is the next-gen action RPG experience with endless evil to slaughter, countless abilities to master, nightmarish Dungeons, and legendary loot.

Embark on the campaign solo or with friends, meeting memorable characters through beautifully dark settings and a gripping story, or go rogue through an expansive End Game and shared world where players will meet in towns to trade, team up to battle World Bosses, or descend into PVP zones to test their skills against other players - no lobbies necessary - with cross-play and cross-progression on all available platforms.

This is only the beginning for Diablo® IV, with new events, stories, seasons, rewards, and more looming on the horizon.