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Sony’s been in the streaming business for years now, but it’s finally taking it seriously. As reported earlier today, PlayStation Now will continue to be supported on the PlayStation 5, and the console’s controller could have a big advantage for those looking to subscribe to the service. As discovered by Dutch website Techtastic, the manufacturer has filed a patent for technology that will effectively allow its controller to interface directly with a server.

What does this mean? Well, let’s look at how things currently work with the DualShock 4 with regards to PS Now: inputs are sent from the controller to the PlayStation 4. This information is then transferred from the PS4 to your router, which is then beamed to the Japanese giant’s server farm, prompting the software to respond. With this new technology, however, the signal would be sent directly from the peripheral to your router, skipping a step.

It’s the exact same technology that Google’s Stadia uses, and the idea is to reduce latency. There’s obviously no guarantee that the concept will make its way into a final consumer product, but if the PlayStation maker is banking on PS Now adoption being bigger next generation, then these are the kind of ideas it needs to be exploring. We suppose the big question is whether incorporating this kind of tech will raise the overall cost of the controller; we can’t see non-streaming gamers being all too ecstatic about that.

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