Reddit user SmokeinPeace2516 was eating in his dining room a few days ago when a fire broke out on the floor above. Caused by a wiring defect, the fire brought down the ceiling, but fortunately no one was injured, and all are reportedly okay.

Though of course not the most important thing in the world in these situations, SmokeinPeace2516 posted about his situation on the PS4 Reddit page. Sadly, his PlayStation 4 was caught in the incident. As you can see in the image, his console's outer shell has partially melted, exposing the machine's insides. Surprisingly, it's apparently still working as normal.

After sharing his story, other members of r/PS4 took notice, with some giving help where they could. One person has offered a replacement power cord and shell for the affected PS4, and is sending them out to the victim. A Canadian repairs company has offered to fix the console for free. Another user suggested raising funds to help pay for a replacement PS4. This is all in addition to hundreds of messages of support.

At the end of the day, a PS4 should be the last of anybody's worries, but it's lovely to see a community helping someone out during an unfortunate time. Our condolences go out to SmokeinPeace2516 -- we hope he and his family are able to get back on their feet soon.

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