As part of the final 'Morgana Report' video, Atlus has revealed a brand new mode coming to Persona 5 Royal. Titled 'My Palace', the mode is essentially an interactive gallery that houses everything Persona 5. You can look at art work as well as animated story cutscenes, listen to the game's soundtrack, and even view various interactions between characters. You'll also be able to customise the palace with persona figurines and other items. Oh, and minigames are on the agenda as well -- it looks like you'll be able to freely try your hand at any of Royal's optional activities, including some kind of card game that involves the other Phantom Thieves.

Moving on, it's not surprise to hear that Atlus already has DLC lined up for Persona 5 Royal. The video shows off DLC weapons and costumes, but the big surprise here is that particularly challenging boss fights against the protagonists of Persona 3 and Persona 4 will also be made available. We wonder what you get for beating them?

Persona 5 Royal's shaping up to be the definitive Persona 5 experience, but are you feeling the hype? Take down Yu Narukami in the comments section below.