Marvels Avengers PS4

In case you don't already know, Marvel's Avengers is basically going to be Crystal Dynamics' superhero take on Destiny. It's a loot-based Game as a Service in every way, and its latest trailer only served to back that up further. Gear scores are aplenty and cosmetic skins are all over the place, but at least the campaign promises to offer some sort of cinematic Marvel experience.

It's going to offer two different types of missions -- Hero Missions and Warzone Missions. The former are single player levels which feature various superheroes as you put the Avengers back together, while the latter is a co-op focused series of missions which change based on your team size and gear score. In a group of up to four players, you can adopt a specific playstyle to get the job done. You'll then earn rewards based on your performance.

It definitely seems like a simplified version of Destiny, doesn't it? You've got the main campaign that you'll probably blitz through in a handful of days, while Warzone Missions sound a lot like Bungie's Strikes. We're still interested in this unique take on the Avengers, but we can't help but groan when we see multiple currencies displayed in the corner of the title's latest trailer.

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