Square Enix has released a brand new trailer for Marvel's Avengers, and it gives us a much better idea of what the game's all about. As has been hinted numerous times since the game's confusing reveal back at E3, this is basically going to be Destiny with superheroes. You take your favourite Avenger out on missions launched through a world map of sorts, and then you complete those missions to earn new gear. There's colour-coded loot, and you'll have to make sure that your gearscore is high enough before tackling tougher objectives. All sounds very familiar, doesn't it?

Marvel's Avengers PS4 Gameplay Loot Gear
Marvel's Avengers PS4 Gameplay Skill Trees
Marvel's Avengers PS4 Gameplay Map

If you were expecting Marvel's Avengers to be a cinematic experience akin to Marvel's Spider-Man, then we'd recommend readjusting your expectations. We're hoping that the gameplay's going to be enough to carry the whole thing, but we'd be lying if we said that this trailer hasn't got us rolling our eyes.

How do you think Marvel's Avengers looks? Be sure to equip your +3 resistance Iron Man gauntlets in the comments section below.