Fallout 76 Fallout 1st Scrapbox Bugged

"It just works." Bethesda boss Todd Howard's iconic words, uttered across time and space for all to hear through an infinite number of Fallout 76 meme compilations on YouTube. Fallout 76 has never just worked. The title remains a bug-ridden mess on PlayStation 4 almost one whole year after its release, and Bethesda still has the audacity to introduce Fallout 1st -- a $100-per-year subscription service for its disastrous online game.

Said service launched this week, and guess what? It doesn't even work as intended. Subscribers get access to something called a Scrapbox in-game, which you can use to store unlimited crafting materials, except the Scrapbox is currently bugged for some players. Instead of keeping all of your scrap safe, the box just goes ahead and deletes it. You couldn't make this up.

Users on Reddit are reporting that upon returning to their Scrapbox, all of their stuff is just gone. Hours of scavenging for materials rendered pointless by a feature that you have to pay a subscription fee to access.


... Or is it?

[source reddit.com]