Ghost Recon Breakpoint How To Avoid Wolves Drone Azrael Drone

How do you avoid the Wolves drone in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint? The Azrael drone flies over the map every now and then in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and if you're spotted, your minimap will be disabled, and Wolves will deploy near your position. But how do you avoid being seen by the drone? We'll explain how it works in this guide.

How to avoid the Wolves drone in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

To avoid the Wolves Azrael drone in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, you need to hide, but this is easier said than done depending on where you are when the drone flies overhead.

The Azrael drone can be seen on the minimap before it nears your location. It's highlighted in red, and its icon is shaped like a plane. If you see this thing heading your way, you need to lay low, quite literally in some cases. If you're standing up, you'll be easier to detect.

The easiest way to avoid the Wolves' drone is to go prone. Hold the circle button to lay on the ground, and then press the X button when the prompt appears to coat yourself in mud. In this position, the Azrael drone will not detect you. Note, however, that you can't use prone camo everywhere. You can't lay down in knee-high water, for example, and you obviously can't coat yourself in mud if you're lying on a road.

You can also avoid the Wolves' drone by going inside a building, as it won't be able to see you through the roof. What's more, it's possible to avoid detection by sticking close to cover, and then moving around said cover when the drone passes you by. It's risky, but it can work if you have no other option.