Death Stranding PS4 PlayStation 4 Leaks 1

It's no secret that Death Stranding is currently in the hands of gaming media, YouTubers, and more ahead of the game's impending release. The review embargo has been well documented; we'll be reading up on Hideo Kojima's obscure PlayStation 4 title on 1st November. However, some people with early access to the game have jumped the gun. Spoilers and leaks are all over the web, ruining story moments and presumably showing off new footage. If you're excited for the game, watch where you tread.

Naturally, we won't be telling you anything about Death Stranding until the embargo lifts, but there's apparently an awful lot of leaked information out there. We've heard the game's subreddit is a disaster, for example. Interestingly, a YouTuber tweeted (and hastily deleted) an image of their PlayStation 4's menu, where the icon for Death Stranding has a padlock symbol in the bottom left corner. What's that all about? Well, if you see that padlock on any of your games, it means you don't have access to them. This is almost always down to some licensing issue, and in the case of PS Plus games, it probably means you need to top up your subscription. However, the internet has taken this and drawn an interesting conclusion: Sony is blocking access to Death Stranding because of all the spoilers.

We don't think that this speculation carries any water, but the timing is somewhat suspect. It's probably nothing. However, like the world in which Sam Porter Bridges finds himself, you may want to watch your step, because this game is leaking like a Swiss cheese roof.