Bloodborne PS4

If you're a fan of popular service-based titles such as Overwatch, For Honor, and Rainbow Six: Siege, you probably know that this time of year means there's a Halloween themed event just around the corner. As many Games as a Service decorate their hubs with pumpkins, bats, and witches, however, the Bloodborne community over on Reddit is feeling a little bit left out. It wants a taste of the frightening action too since From Software has very much moved on from the 2014 title, and so a handful of dedicated fans have come together to create an event themselves.

Dubbed Return to Yharnam, the celebration kicks off tomorrow and asks participants to create a new character and invade or summon as many "Hoonters" as possible. Recognising each other via a specific costume worn in-game, the month-long event will change and develop as it progresses with community voting used to determine the next set of rules or armour to be worn next. With the main post currently sitting at close to 2000 upvotes, it seems set to be an event that those still interestered in playing Bloodborne will take to rather positively.

Do you plan on participating in Bloodborne's unofficial Return to Yharnam event? Give us a hoot in the comments below.