Red Dead Online Zombies Undead Nightmare 2

Well this is a bit creepy. Numerous reports over on Reddit (compiled by GamesRadar) suggest that zombies are appearing in Red Dead Online. No, you read that right: pale, glowing green-eyed non-playable characters are occasionally popping up around the map.

The below example from Reddit user groats_active is perhaps the most striking find. If this woman ain't a zombie, then she's got one nasty case of swamp fever.

Red Dead Online Zombies
Image: groats_active

Players reckon these undead NPCs were added with the game's latest update, and that Rockstar is planning some kind of big Halloween event. At this point it certainly seems like a logical conclusion, although there's also speculation that the supposed expansion we heard about last month could actually be Undead Nightmare 2 -- a successor to Red Dead Redemption's excellent zombie-themed DLC.

As always, Rockstar remains secretive. If these "zombies" are the real deal and not some kind of incredibly weird bug, then surely the developer has something up its sleeve. We're just gonna have to wait and see whether these undead sightings become increasingly popular as we creep closer to the spookiest night of the year.

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