Remember Atomic Heart? It's that promising first person shooter that looks to have some serious BioShock vibes. Set in an alternate reality Soviet Union, it's set to feature creepy robots, disturbingly clinical facilities, and lots of the colour red. So far, we've been impressed by the debut trailer and a 10-minute video of early gameplay.

This new trailer, however, is less enthralling. It depicts a scene in one of those clinical facilities we mentioned earlier, and centres around a conversation between two men. They talk about sleeping with the lights off, science, and the behaviour of monsters in the light. And then the trailer's over.

It's a weird one, then, but we remain highly intrigued by this game. This trailer doesn't do it any real favours, but the world it presents is still a very interesting one. What do you make of this new video for Atomic Heart? Get some sleep in the comments below.