The Last of Us 2 Release Date PS4 Rumour

With The Last of Us: Part II set to go big during next week's State of Play broadcast, many eager PlayStation fans are hoping for a release date. After all, it's been over a year since we last saw Naughty Dog's sequel in action.

As it turns out, the release date may have arrived early. An updated product page for The Last of Us: Part II on Swiss website Softridge has the title pegged for launch on the 28th February, 2020. However, said product page appears to have been taken down -- perhaps because it really was a leak? We won't know for sure until State of Play rolls around on Tuesday, but it's worth noting that a February 2020 release date falls in line with what we've heard before.

Back in June, The Last of Us star Ashley Johnson almost let the release date slip in an interview, hinting that February was the month that Naughty Dog was targeting. On top of that, numerous sources came together in July, saying that The Last of Us: Part II was, again, set for February 2020.

In any case, a 28th February release date would put The Last of Us: Part II just a few days ahead of Final Fantasy VII Remake. What a week that would be!

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