The Last of Us Part II 2 Release Date PS4 PlayStation 4 1

The idea of The Last of Us: Part II releasing in February of 2020 just won't go away, will it? It really is starting to sound like the real deal, though, as a post on a Chinese gaming forum points to this once again being the right time for its launch. Corroborated by the ever-reliable insider ZhugeEX, it is also said that four different editions of the game are part of the title's launch plans.

Over on A9VG, a poster going by the name Agentkicker states that The Last of Us: Part II will indeed come out next February, and there are four varying versions of the game planned. A standard edition, a special edition, a collector's edition, and most interestingly, an Ellie edition. We're not entirely sure what this version could contain outside of the typical artbook, soundtrack, and season pass - maybe a bust of her head? There has to be something interesting about this version of the game.

What gives these posts some merit is that the poster in question was discussing a November launch for Death Stranding long before the trailer dropped confirming that, so the idea that they know at least something seems plausible. Another point that backs us up this rumour is the fact that voice actor Ashley Johnson almost seemed to let the same date slip in an interview last month. "I think itโ€™s coming out in Feโ€”,โ€ she said."

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