The Last Of Us

Next week is set to be a big seven day stretch for The Last of Us: Part II, with a media event confirmed for the 24th September and rumblings of even further Sony-centric livestreams causing us to go into hype overload for Naughty Dog's next big thing. There is probably a State of Play incoming, and PlayStation fans have started connecting the dots and believe that a multiplayer beta is on its way for Joel and Ellie's next brutal excursion.

It's understandable thinking, too, because Sony probably isn't going to want to show too much of the game's campaign prior to launch. As such, a beta that tests its multiplayer offerings is the perfect way to give fans some hands on time without giving away any story details.

And with the game confirmed to be in attendance at Madrid Games Week early next month, we're surely going to see some sort of footage sooner rather than later. Online betas are a big deal at the moment, so the announcement of one along with the confirmation of its Valentines Day launch would make for a great week in the land of PlayStation.

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