Morgana's back with another surprisingly beefy Persona 5 Royal trailer. This latest video clocks in at just over ten minutes, and although it's not made up of gameplay entirely, there's still a lot of fresh information to digest.

As translated by Gematsu, the highlights include:

  • All-new events have been added to the calendar, giving you more opportunities to hang out with friends. These events include days out and school trips.
  • Abilities that you get from growing close to confidants have been buffed and they're easier to take advantage of.
  • New random elements have been added to persona fusion. For example, when the "fusion alarm" sounds, your fused persona can acquire additional skills or stat bonuses.
  • There's a new "challenge battle" option in the Velvet Room which supposedly lets you test your strength.
  • The Velvet Room twins can indeed hang out with the protagonist.

All in all, it's really starting to look like Persona 5 Royal is placing a heavier emphasis on gameplay. More character interactions, expanded dungeons, more personas, more enemies, more treasures to find... There's quite a lot to look forward to when the title launches next year here in the West.