The Surge 6

How do you kill Delver in The Surge 2? How do you beat Delver? The game's fifth main boss is a long, detailed one, but we can employ a few simple tricks and tactics to get the better of it. Here's how you beat Delver in The Surge 2.

How to Beat Delver in The Surge 2

Delver is the game's first three-phase boss, each of which is distinctly different. The first phase has the boss on its back legs taking close-range swings at you, but they're nothing you really need to worry about. Simply dodge back and forth and attack its legs when you have the opportunity - there's only a lunge attack that presents any real danger. Once you've taken out its green health bar, it's time for phase two.

At this point, the boss will transform into a dog and switch up its attacks. It becomes a lot more aggressive, pouncing at you at every opportunity. Your best bet during this phase it waiting for it to finish up its sequence of darting between walls where it throws nanites at you. While it does that, however, you need to make sure you're attacking the nanites that land on the ground because they will heal the boss once it has finished the animation. Once it's back on the ground, you'll be able to wail on it with numerous attacks as it tires and recharges its energy. Once you've taken out the blue health bar, it's time for the final phase.

Surprisingly, we found this to be the easiest phase of the whole lot. Delver gets back on its two feet and follows a similar attack pattern to the first phase, except with an added move of slowly launching itself at you along the floor, body and all. It can kill you in one hit, but the animation is so obviously telegraphed that you won't have to worry about it. Once you've dodged the attempt, close the space and attack it multiple times. The fight will be over and done with before you know it.