The Surge 5

How do you kill Captain Cervantes in The Surge 2? How do you beat Captain Cervantes? The game's fourth main boss is a hard one, but we can employ a few simple tricks and tactics to get the better of him. Here's how you beat Captain Cervantes in The Surge 2.

How to Beat Captain Cervantes in The Surge 2

Here's yet another incredibly tight area to do battle in. Captain Cervantes was a major roadblock for us in our own playthrough as he employs a number of devastating attacks along with the ability to turn invisible. If you're struggling to make a dent in his health bar, we recommend you leave the vicinity and level up a couple of times before coming back later with a better build. Upgrading your armour helps immensely as well.

When you feel you're ready, make sure to memorise his attacks patterns and learn the indicators for when he's about to fire his shotgun. Avoiding these blows is paramount to making progress in this boss fight, as their wind up times and the initial aftermath give you a great chance to deliver some hefty strikes. Dodge out of the way of his attacks and you'll be in a great position for whittle his health bar down.

Occasioanlly he will turn invisible, but if you manage to dash in just as he's performing the move, you'll be able to get a few free hits in. If Captain Cervantes does complete the transition, stay on your toes at all times because he'll be readying up a killer blow. Dash about the small battlefield until he reveals himself and avoid the attack he makes. Smart countering and dodging is what wins you this fight.