Update: The other Death Stranding gameplay video has now also been translated. You can watch it through here.

Original Story: Last week during Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima presented nearly an hour's worth of fresh Death Stranding gameplay. The demonstration unpacked a fair amount about the enigmatic PlayStation 4 exclusive, showing off what you'll be getting up to as you trek across a ruined North America. Of course, the whole thing was presented in Japanese, but we were able to get the gist of what was happening.

Now, courtesy of IGN, Kojima's running commentary has been translated into English. This should help clear up a few things; for example, the lion-like creature Sam fights is called a Catcher, and is one of the weaker beasts you may have to fight throughout the game.

Have you watched this Death Stranding gameplay video yet? Will you watch it now an English translation is available? Hold your breath in the comments below.

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