No Man's Sky has been through substantial changes since its rocky arrival on PlayStation 4. Hello Games has been updating the title with huge new features and extra content, and the new Beyond update is no different. Launching on 14th August, it brings expanded multiplayer, PlayStation VR support, and more besides to the enormous space-faring adventure.

Today, the developer has revealed another new aspect coming to the game: The Nexus. This is a multiplayer social space where explorers can convene, show off their cool gear, and meet up for collaborative excursions. You can see a brief glimpse of The Nexus in the above trailer.

"Suddenly your ship that you spent 50 hours earning can now be seen by others in the Nexus," writes Sean Murray on the PlayStation Blog. "Your rare spacesuit and unique helmet can be shown off to other players. Friends and strangers can visit that massive base you’ve been working on."

Are you excited to dive back into No Man's Sky when Beyond drops next week? Hop into your ship in the comments below.