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Marvel’s Avengers should have been the most straightforward of slam-dunks for publisher Square Enix, but the backlash against the release has been substantial to say the least. Many fans have been left frustrated by the cloak-and-dagger approach that Crystal Dynamics has taken towards showcasing gameplay, while others feel like the cast look like poor imitators of their Marvel Cinematic Universe counterparts.

Troy Baker, who plays Bruce Banner in the game, feels that people are overreacting: “We’ll always be on someone’s sh*t list, right? So when they launched the latest trailer and put it out there, the immediate backlash from fans was, ‘It doesn’t look like Chris Evans! It doesn’t look like Robert Downey Jr!’ Well, you know who it does look like? It looks exactly like Iron Man. It looks exactly like Captain America. It looks exactly like Bruce Banner.”

Speaking at Manchester Comic-Con, the star added that “there is nothing we will ever be able to do that will top what you saw in the MCU” so expressed his desire to do something different. “For me, the second they showed me what Bruce looked like, I was like, ‘Oh, you stole from the Ultimates.’ It looks 100 per cent like the guy from Ultimates. And I’m like, ‘That’s my Bruce Banner. That’s the guy that literally ate New York and cannot reconcile the guilt.’”

Nolan North, who’s assuming the role of Iron Man in the game, added that the developer is really respecting the source material. “I think we’re doing real justice to the true nature of the characters and to the real fans of the comic books,” he explained. “What we did growing up, imagining ourselves in those panels – that’s what the game lets you do,” Baker agreed.

You can read more from our chat with Nolan North and Troy Baker through the link.

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