Behind closed doors demos rarely ever go according to plan; there’s always going to be one nefarious individual recording the action via potato cam. That proved true for Marvel’s Avengers at E3 2019, and has occurred once again at San Diego Comic Com 2019. As a result, publisher Square Enix is going to be busy filing copyright strikes, as this suboptimal showcase starts to do the rounds.

To be honest, we can see why the Japanese company wants to keep the Crystal Dynamics game underwraps for the time being. This Thor and Iron Man gameplay does not look great, as the former awkwardly wields Mjölnir at enemies who barely put up any resistance, while the latter floats around in a relatively linear environment. It’s the first stage from the game, so we’ll cut it some slack.

With a May release date attached to the title, though, the former Tomb Raider developer is going to have its work cut out getting this up to scratch by next summer. Let’s hope it can pull things together, because the prospect of an Avengers title is an immediately enticing one, and with Marvel’s Spider-Man setting the standard for superhero games, we already know the ceiling is high for these types of titles.