What do you do when your train has been delayed by a mind-boggling four hours and you’re sitting in a cosmopolitan coffee shop using a busted laptop with 10 per cent charge? Write about Train Sim World 2020, of course, and wish that you really were a rail tycoon so you didn’t have to put up with insufferable cancellations anytime you decide to use public transport.

We enjoyed the base version of this game, and its update sounds even better. If you already own it, then you’ll get access to a bunch of new gameplay features for free, including sturdier stat tracking and an improved progression system. Everyone else will be able to stamp a ticket with the latest build, and will receive three of the latest and greatest routes alongside the tried and true Great Western.

If you pick up the Deluxe Edition, then you’ll also unlock the brand new Peninsula Corridor, which will take you on a tour of California. We’ll publish an updated mini-review of this meaty update in the coming days and weeks, and unlike West Midlands Railway, we’ll try to stick to a tighter time table. Not bitter.