It's time for another Monster Hunter World: Iceborne info blowout. A brand new trailer for the upcoming expansion (which we've embedded above) unveils Glavenus, a returning beast and proud owner of the most fearsome tail in Monster Hunter. The trailer also shows the all-new especially-cosy-looking gathering hub, and introduces subspecies monsters.

What the heck are subspecies monsters, you ask? Well, in this video, we get to see two of them: Ebony Odogaron, and Fulgur Anjanath. Those who have played World will likely already know Odogaron and Anjanath from the base game, but these are subspecies variants. They're much more powerful, sporting new attacks as well as different elemental strengths and weaknesses. Exciting stuff, even for veteran hunters.

If you're hungry for even more Iceborne info, then we'd recommend watching the latest Capcom developer diary, which you can find below.

Iceborne's really shaping up to be quite special isn't it? Let's hope that the hunt lives up to the hype when it launches in September.